About SmartEnergy IP™

SmartEnergy IP™ is a research and consulting organization within SmartMark Communications that is dedicated to helping utilities communicate the benefits of smart grid to customers.

As utilities roll out smart grid initiatives – from smart meters and TOU pricing programs to introducing new applications—there are ways to ensure that customers are best prepared to make smart energy choices and positively support these investments.

SmartMark Communications has over a decade of experience in the energy and utilities customer care domain, helping utilities and suppliers market effectively to customers. From creating a customer care strategy to executing that strategy, SmartMark offers an array of services to meet utility needs.

SmartEnergy IP offerings include:

  • Development of strategic customer care programs for utilities
  • Customer experience innovation strategy
  • Program management
  • Industry market research and benchmarking of utility customer care behavior
  • Review and evaluation of existing customer care communications programs
  • Primary and secondary research and analysis of a utility’s current messages and brand in the public domain (in target regions and/or nationally)
  • SmartEnergy IP also leverages SmartMark Communications, LLC resources to provide full service marketing support for utilities
  • Public Relations and Partner Strategy