SmartEnergy IP™ Nationwide Report Concludes that Consumers Want Utilities to Be More Innovative and Expand into Home

PHILADELPHIA, PA — October 24th, 2016 — SmartEnergy IP™, a division of SmartMark Communications, announced today the publishing of its newest research report, Developing a Roadmap for the Utility of the Future. From the 1,500 customers surveyed across the U.S., it was telling that while nearly half of Americans do not think their utility companies are innovative, they want them to be.

Currently, almost 40 percent of consumers currently do not think their utilities are "innovative," but there is a growing appetite for them to expand their technologies to help automate savings and offer more in-home smart energy products and services, the report's survey findings show.

In fact, when respondents were asked questions about what they expected from their utility in the future, 32 percent said they expected their utilities to implement technology that would automate energy savings and 20 percent expected their utilities to build smarter communities. The polling also revealed that at least a fifth of respondents would like their utility to start offering internet services and provide a variety of bundled smart services to their home.

"The numbers indicate that while customer expectations and perceptions around utility innovation are currently low, there is a tremendous opportunity for utilities to introduce new services," SmartEnergy IP founder and CEO Juliet Shavit said. "Customers want a more innovative utility and they will soon expect more from them – creating a new opportunity for utilities to offer smart products and services in the home. It is impossible not to see recurring themes of technology and partnerships as part of the utility of the future."

An interactive smart home exhibit displaying many of these themes was onsite last month at SmartEnergy IP's annual Smart Grid Customer Education Symposium, in Philadelphia. The exhibit modeled a future energy lifestyle for consumers that encouraged and utilized sustainable living solutions and showcased the evolving utility-customer relationship. Users interacted with various technologies incorporated into the exhibit's kitchen, bedroom, living room, and dining area. Other features included app-friendly appliances, interactive touchscreens and a virtual reality station.

The survey's findings and conclusions are detailed in the full report, which is available for purchase. Please contact for more information.

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