SmartEnergy IP Announces the Utility Technology Investment Customer Experience Scorecard

Utilities, regulators and stakeholders can now measure customer benefits of technology investments

HOUSTON, TEXAS — October 15, 2018 — SmartEnergy IP, the division of SmartMark Communications dedicated to the utility customer experience, announced today the release of the Utility Technology Investment (UTI) Customer Experience ScorecardTM. The Scorecard was designed to provide a measurement tool to utilities, regulators and stakeholders looking to seek recovery for large-scale technology investment. The scorecard was announced today in Houston at the annual Smart Grid Customer Education Symposium.

“Over the last decade, the utility industry has seen a strong evolution towards customer-centric investments and rationale, often developing customer education plans to support their technology business case,” said Juliet Shavit, President of SmartMark Communications and Founder of SmartEnergy IP. “Today there is a critical need for a standardized approach to evaluating customer benefits in formalized way to help support all parties in the grid modernization process.”

The scorecard is divided into four main categories: Reliability, Efficiency, Cost and Convenience. Each of the quadrants is broken down into further sub-areas, all of which trace back to customer-centric thinking.

Reliability – Focuses on service delivery and outage restoration

Efficiency – Evaluates impacts on environment, community and individual household

Cost – Considers customer savings and efficiencies provided by utility

Convenience – Focus on customer communication and program choices

The scorecard is both timely and necessary. SmartEnergy IP believes that as more and more utilities seek out digital transformation and design their “Utility of the Future” roadmaps, this scorecard will serve as a reminder to all that the success of any technology advancement, development and deployment is measured by the good it does for people and the community.

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About SmartEnergy IP

SmartEnergy IP is a strategic communications and research organization within SmartMark Communications dedicated to helping articulate the benefits of energy technology investment and innovation for consumers. As utilities implement smart energy initiatives there are ways to ensure that customers are best prepared to make smart energy choices and positively support these programs.

Furthermore, as utilities develop their roadmaps for the future, SmartEnergy IP helps utilities and stakeholders define the technology and business requirements necessary to develop and implement customer-focused programs that benefit communities and meet policy goals.

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